Augment kits matter

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Augment kits matter

Post  Melanastere on Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:45 am

Hey guys,

OK as you may know I'm synth and I can craft Augment kits. Each character need at least 14 of them, so we have a lot of work. I already started to put some in guild bank and I'll do my best to put more on more or less a daily basis.

The problem with those kits is not the price but the ingredients. It takes a lot of time to farm them with crew missions. For example the mission that gives Primeval Artefact Fragments is a 25min mission that gives on average 7 of them. And you need 22 to craft a single kit. With all the companions working on crew missions in parallel, and the player to stay tuned and managing the process, it takes a minimum of 2 hours to craft a single level 6 kit.

Another way to acquire the ingredients is to buy them at GTN. It's quicker but way more expensive. To give an example, a level 6 kit crafted with ingredients all aquiered with crew missions cost about 14k credits a piece. The same piece crafted with current lowest GTN ingredients price cost 90k credits...

In the next days and weeks I will send my companions for those missions as much as I can but if you guys can gather for any reason some of the requiered components, it might accelerate the process.

Here are the ingredients requiered per level 6 kit (made with Synthweaving skill) :

22 x Cortosis Substrate (Grade 6 archaeology mission)
22 x Primeval Artifact Fragment (Grade 6 archaeology mission)
22 x Upari Crystal (Grade 6 archaeology mission)
2 x Subelectronic Data Module (Grade 6 Sliced Tech Part)

Hope it helps understanding that matter and put numbers where they might be useful.

PS: I forgot to mention that Armstech and Armormech can also craft Augment kits. I don't know a bit about it, maybe it's faster for them? Anyway, with a coordinated effort, this can be smooth.

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Tescos... every little helps :P

Post  Heulog on Fri Jun 29, 2012 5:05 am

Excellent post providing alot of clear information.

I know I am artifice (which I am kinda regretting a bit now) but thanks to this info I know what missions to send my Crew off on to assist the cause.

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Re: Augment kits matter

Post  Rj/Adon'ar on Sat Jun 30, 2012 9:08 pm

Heulog wrote:Excellent post providing alot of clear information.

I know I am artifice (which I am kinda regretting a bit now) but thanks to this info I know what missions to send my Crew off on to assist the cause.

Now now, you're not useless, you can still make crystals, hilt, enhancements, etc.
Just send your crew after Grade 6 Artifact Fragments, and Grade 6 Power Crystals.

Thanks in advance :-).


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clearly put

Post  Talernar on Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:39 am

this is a very good piece of info and if you need any mat's i will try my best to help you with the mats just send me a pm within game and i will see what i can sort out Smile
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Re: Augment kits matter

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